Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cook it up and eat it down

Here's master chef and master competitor prepping some good eats for an evening meal. Simple is best when it's about energy and weight loss, so check out my fabulous tofu and stir fry feast.

I like to start with a block of tofu, not pre-cut mini cubes. Trader Joe's was the source for this recipe (if you haven't shopped at Trader Joe's make it a point to find one in your area...or elsewhere).

I cut the tofu into large chunks, then brown in olive oil on medium heat. Once the tofu is crispy, I add a selection of fresh cut vegetables - on this occasion it was broccoli and carrots.

Slow turn the vegetables into the tofu for about 5 minutes. Then, add your choice of stir fry sauce. I like Saigon Sizzle on most occasions. Turn for another minute or so, then serve hot and tangy over brown rice. I'd like to tell you how many this dish serves, but that really depends on me. Hungry big men need food and lots of it, right?

Let's make the journey together toward an improved diet plan. It's easy and actually fun.


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