Thursday, January 21, 2010


One of my longest associations in endurance sport is with Brooks.

I built my relationship with the company back in the early 1990's, when I was marketing director of Mercury Marine's hi-performance division. You might be having a hard time making the jump from powerboats to running, but here it goes:

One of our offshore racing customers was a large Seattle-based shipping magnate named Kjell Rokke, who decided to make a business investment and bought Brooks (at that time an independent company). The engineers at Mercury had a line to Brooks products and I was brought into the fold.

I started to use, enjoy, then trust Brooks products. From then until now, I have been able to promote their running shoes and apparel throughout my multi-sport activities.

It's a proud moment to announce that for 2010, I have been allowed to be in Brooks' most elite promotional group, its Bluestreak program. Out of several thousand associated athletes, 200 were selected for the opportunity to be in Bluestreak and I made the cut.

For me it's not about being the best or the fastest, but about demonstrating a true desire to represent Brooks products in the best possible light. That is not hard for me; I love Brooks and I love endurance racing.

If you're choosing to purchase running products, I'd ask you to consider Brooks. Check them out at For the trail, take a close look at the Brooks Adrenaline ASR 6 and the Cascadia 5. I use both models. They offer an alternative fit and feel and the Cascadia is inspired and designed by Scott Jurek, a top athlete in ultrarunning and all around smooth operator.

Being in the Brooks "club" has been a motivating experience. When you believe in a product, it's easy to assertively promote it.

That's me, and that's Brooks.

Did 90 minutes in an icy rain this morning. Life is good, the mountains shout as the snow melts away.

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