Saturday, December 19, 2009

White out

Things are a bit sketchy in the Washington, DC area. We're looking at 18 or more inches of snow this weekend, and it's white out conditions.

That said, master competitor had to venture out for a run. Would have gone more than an hour but my cotton gloves were getting wet and my hands were numb. No sense to push too far in the elements.

In this alternate white world, the characters out and about are of a special breed. I decided to offer a "thumbs up" to every individual I encountered. Some observations:
  • County road plowing crews are big into the thumbs up. I had to veer about 20 feet off course when the blades came through (I was running down the center of the road).
  • Bethesda city police are totally into thumbs up and returned the gesture.
  • Most motorists gave me a wide berth and reciprocated the thumbs up. One angry looking dude in a large SUV did not embrace my vibes. He has his own alternate world and it's not a happy one.
  • Another runner coming at me with shorts and cotton t-shirt...bring it, brother.
  • Guy with dogs off leash...nothing more appealing than a powerful dog bounding at breakneck speed through a heavy snow. Wished I could capture the exhilaration.
  • Cross country skiers...huge smiles and big thumbs up all the way around.
There's something about a slow jog in heavy snow that's empowering. Returning to a hot bowl of Malt-O-Meal becomes special.

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