Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life in the mountains of northwestern North Carolina isn't bad. As a matter of fact, master competitor is rather cocooned in his existence, as least while school is in session.

My faculty position at Appalachian State comes with many perks. We have a great university and teaching environment and also an infrastructure that offers four (4) recreation center facilities. I make the most of lap swimming, Cybex circuit training, spin classes, yoga, and indoor aerobic training machinery such as the Life Fitness elliptical trainers and electronic rowing machines.

Have to admit the climate here isn't what I had been used to in north central Florida, but that was then and this is now. I want to embrace this region and terrain and push into the winter months.

One new advantage for next semester is that I have connected with the App State running club. This group of individuals meets most nights at 5 pm for training sessions, and travels to local trails to run on Sunday afternoons; many are prepping for the Myrtle Beach (SC) marathon or half-marathon in February.

Knowing there was future race prep underway was enough to get Tommy Terrific motivated, at least a smidgen. So, I pulled the trigger and entered the Frosty 50K in Winston-Salem on January 9:

Train and race, race and train. The life preferred by endurance athletes of all shapes and sizes.

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