Thursday, December 17, 2009


I love to improvise and adapt my training routine while traveling.

I'm in DC for a while, doing fun stuff and of course forging my morning run loops.

Found a quick access to a green way called the Rock Creek Trail...of course, it didn't take me long to snoot around and find dirt paths that parallel the paved walkway.

I now have a 90 minute out and back. Funny how after just a short time, sections of trail become familiar and inviting. I'm running to the right of what must be Rock Creek (since I 'm on Rock Creek Trail it seems to make sense; now there's high level PhD deduction at work).

The mornings have been crisp and near 30 degrees. I'm still in shorts but it's getting to the breaking point. May have to drag out the tights soon...but I'll save that for my pilgrimage to Wisconsin next week.

What's important about crisp morning runs in a new area is the ability to reinvent one's self. I felt a spark of emerging fitness deep inside, and find the slow and easy 90 minute runs to be invigorating. The attraction of ultrarunning still burns inside and I'm looking forward to eking out yet another season.

I am thankful for my place in life. The best to you, your families, and your communities this Christmas season.

God bless.

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