Monday, November 23, 2009

Sleepy head

Master competitor hasn't posted in a bit. No excuses here, just came to a flat spot in my brain and didn't have much to say.

And that's amazing for me.

So I thought I'd share a piece of original art, which came my way on an assignment a student submitted. I'm assuming my lecture wasn't gaining traction, so he moved to other areas of interest, such as sketching the man to his right, who was sleeping.

Now, to twist this story towards endurance sport, let's just say my attitude towards training has been of the sleepy head variety. It has actually rattled me a bit. I've had ebbs and tides before, but this has been a low point. A mix of poor health (allergies, something new to me) and a weight gain set me to ground zero.

But not to worry. Traveled back to Greensboro, where I lived over 20 years prior, this past Saturday. Ran on trail sections that still remain, then traveled much of that terrain a second time on my mountain bike.

Sunday was a big new loop at Moses Cone Memorial Park just off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

More on those adventures later, but for now let it be known sleepy head is fluttering his eyes and coming back to consciousness.

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