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Sleepy head

Master competitor hasn't posted in a bit. No excuses here, just came to a flat spot in my brain and didn't have much to say.
And that's amazing for me.
So I thought I'd share a piece of original art, which came my way on an assignment a student submitted. I'm assuming my lecture wasn't gaining traction, so he moved to other areas of interest, such as sketching the man to his right, who was sleeping.
Now, to twist this story towards endurance sport, let's just say my attitude towards training has been of the sleepy head variety. It has actually rattled me a bit. I've had ebbs and tides before, but this has been a low point. A mix of poor health (allergies, something new to me) and a weight gain set me to ground zero.
But not to worry. Traveled back to Greensboro, where I lived over 20 years prior, this past Saturday. Ran on trail sections that still remain, then traveled much of that terrain a second time on my mountain bike.
Sunday was a big new loop a…

Bear Paw

Had a great time this past Saturday. The High Country Conservancy featured an area hike that showcased state-protected land. We traversed part of Hanging Rock Ridge, in a new state natural preserve called "Bear Paw" - the original Indian name for the area.

This lush mountain cove presented a rich hiking experience. Approximately 25 local outdoor enthusiasts attended.

Check out the slide show link below...hard to capture the surrounding beauty with a camera, but I did my best:

Salute to vets

Veteran's Day is now past. We pause to reflect on what has been, how men and women have served the United States in times of war.

I am removed and numb to this activity. I have never gone to war, nor fought to defend and preserve our nation's rights and freedoms.

But many others have, and have paid a price that is beyond my comprehension.

Take a moment to view the following. This is a powerful piece, which I'll post to acknowledge what others have done on my behalf, and for Americans everywhere.

Shout out for an Illinois trail compatriot

Master competitor received a shout out from Illinois trail runner Doug we're offer our readers the chance to check out Doug's blog at

It's always pertinent to think about the Oreo's I'm shoving down my pie hole, so check out Doug's post on food intake and calories.

Think that next week, instead of running onGrandfather Mountain, I might consider running to Grandfather Mountain in an effort to purge the fat!

Fall is fast approaching in this mountain country. I am preparing to embrace a true change of season after my 3+ year Florida experience.

Life does roll forward in strange and unexpected ways.

Mudfest in cyclocrossland

Wanna total anaerobic experience?

Where you head hums and blood vessels in your forehead want to burst?

I have just the sport for you. Buy yourself a $2000 cyclocross bike and join the fun.

Cyclocross racing is big in the high country of North Carolina. It's basically road bikes with off road adaptations, on fast yet sometimes muddy courses.

This past weekend, a big event was held in Seven Devils (how's that for a sexy event location?) and the competition laid it all on the line.

I could write more, but why bother when I have photos to offer - click the "slide show" tab in the upper left hand corner of the screen:


Chasing the cavewoman

This photo was too good to pass up. It's a shot of my ultra friends Susan Donnelly and Rob Apple knocking out a 100 miler in Phoenix last weekend.

Since the race was near the festive Halloween celebration, runners were encouraged to suit up in specialized running attire.

Rob didn't buy on to the promotion, but Susan did.

Here's the way the story goes: Rob took a serious fall at home and injured his ribs, shoulder and foot. He was in rough shape going into the race.

Rob emailed and stated he wanted to stop at mile 31, but something kept him going...

He couldn't stop chasing the cavewoman.

Just when I almost succumb to the masses who try and convince me it's a crazy sport, something like this comes across my desk.

And at that moment I realize ultrarunning makes perfect sense, and all is well with the world.

Attaboy, Rob. Nice outfit, Susan.