Friday, October 23, 2009

What's the next move?

Hello to all. My blog is on life support. Haven't posted because Tommy master competitor is living a rather nondescript life.

My wisdom for the day is this...keep on keeping on. Sometimes it's not sexy or glamorous, but we're doing the workouts and the days slip by from summer into autumn. That's how it works on most occasions. It's not the epic stuff, but the day to day momentum that keeps us in forward motion.

Went a a community yoga session on Wednesday evening. The mayor of Boone had called for a fitness and lifestyle theme in the community, and the public was invited to attend. As usual, it was 30-40 undergrad females, 2-3 undergrad males, and and old man who can't bend named Tommy Terrific.

I do like to go through the yoga motions and no one seems to judge me for my inadequacies. I may not be pretty but I am tenacious. Yoga forces an extended stretching period and I find that more necessary now than the need a few years prior. I'm becoming more gentle with myself and on given days trade in my running mileage for yoga.

That's all part of the forward motion model I'm living. Twist and turn and hold that downward dog. The journey will continue and the form of fitness? That's up to you.

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  1. Although you may have chosen a class that's difficult for an older Tommy Terrific, at least you've chosen wisely on the female to male ratio!