Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hard to the finish

What can happen, will happen. That must be the amazement demonstrated on my face after finishing the Cumberland Trail 50K in Tennessee.

I'm talking with race promoter Susan Donnelly at the finish. She is fit and trim and I dragged my blobby blob blob body through the muck to beat the 10 hour cutoff.

I wish photos could capture the event in its reality. I forgot how alive I can feel at a technical ultra event, where senses sizzle and are heightened.

This event did not allow headphones so instead of podcasts and metal music it was just my inner thoughts and the trail. I did a lot of business with myself and felt ready to return home and embrace my new life in a mountain town in North Carolina. Ultra trail events are so pivotal in my life that it has become a lens to all other activities.

Don't know if that is how it will remain, but for now, I am validated as an ultrarunner at least one more time. The journey will continue, but I don't know at what pace or for how long.

But with one foot in front of the other, I will forge ahead.

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  1. Is a headphone ban common in these events?