Wednesday, October 28, 2009

God's paintbrush

Sometimes life is good.

And sometimes it gets really exceptional.

Check out my photo (top image) from this past Sunday, atop Grandfather Mountain near Linville, NC.

Sitting at a majestic 5946 feet above sea level, Grandfather Mountain is a go-to destination for nature lovers. The surrounding hiking trails and nature areas make it a special outdoor environment. One of the top attractions on the mountain is the Mile High Swinging Bridge. I'm scared of heights so it amazes me (from

This is a good time of year to reach out, to explore and enjoy the traces of fall in your area. We each have special places we like to retreat to; for me, Grandfather is a favorite on Sunday after church. My day usually consists of some light hiking, meditation, and an overall period of thankfulness for my place in life.

There is sunshine and dark clouds in all of our lives. But when I can look down on the beauty and color below, it's best to stay in the moment and recharge for the week to come.

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