Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Trophy time

Life was good in the Appalachian mountains for the Mueller clan this past weekend.

My brother Richard (left) took top awards in the 40-49 division at the local 5K .

Interesting part about the run is that Rick almost dropped his lower units trying to out-sprint a dude the final 100 yards...who turned out to be racing in the 30-39 class. So it goes in the world of win-at-all-costs endurance sport.

I had a pretty good day coming off a bad respiratory infection and went second in the 50-59 old man class. Of course, if I keep doing this long enough, I'll be the last man standing.

Great place (Boone, NC greenway), great race (benefited a local Christian coffee shop) and fun with my brother. The sun was shining down on me once again.

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