Thursday, September 17, 2009

Allen and Scott update

Listened to the Dave Scott/Mark Allen podcasts on

Just to spur your interest:

A 61 year old motorist U-turned on Dave about two months ago and crashed him hard. Broken scapula and messed up hand that will need more surgery.

Mark recounted the epic battle at the '89 Ironman. The pair powered through the swim and run and then went to work in the marathon. Mark recounts how Dave threw down the gauntlet with sub 6's right off the blocks.

Mark panicked at first, then settled, utilizing his "peaceful but strong" mantra. Dave was ready to bust out on a downhill, but Mark executed first and surged on on uphill at the 24 mile mark. Dave couldn't answer and Mark won his first Ironman...and would go on to win 5 more.

Is this not good stuff?

Next time, we'll talk about the tactics Mark used - that of hanging in Dave's shadow for the entire race - and how master competitor would respond (of course in his middle-of-the-pack world).

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