Saturday, August 08, 2009

Trail time

Took a day trip to the W. Scott Kerr Dam and Reservoir trail system, about 30 miles east of Boone. The cycle shop mechanics at Magic Cycles told me this Army Corps of Engineers designed area was one of the finest riding areas in the east. That said, I loaded up and drove over to Overmountain Victory Trail, which was designated the "easy" ride.

Faced a bit of a setback when I arrived at the area. A major triathlon was underway and law enforcement was turning non-participants in the opposite direction. It made me wonder how many folks I have inconvenienced over the years, while I was competing (with little regard for others who might have wanted to use the same recreational areas).

A few miles of backtracking took me to the west end of the trail. The six mile length seemed appropriate for the day.

The trail was well manicured. My hardtail Gary Fisher 29er was fine, nothing too rough to send shock waves through my bikes rear end - and my rear end. The unique feature of this trail was a banking on most every major turn. I didn't have the low hanging units to maintain speed, but above average riders charge into the turns and rail their was around.

I've been on mountain bikes since the mid-80's. I know how to negotiate the terrain, but at the last moment my brain yells "slow down!" It's not easy making time when you're slamming on the stoppers. But that's who I am and where I'm at in life.

Glad that I made this ride alone. Took it slow and easy, made the turnaround and then back to the start. I was tired but satisfied. The nature God provides looks good at any speed. So master competitor concluded his first off-road adventure outing. I'll be back for more.

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