Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Track time

Went on another "wander about" this morning, putting in an hour run on campus at Appalachian State.

While meandering around the grounds, I came upon the university stadium and the wonderful running track. Didn't have a camera along, but here's a web grab image of the track during an athletic event.

The track has the same high quality surface that I learned to love at the University of Florida. Soft and forgiving, the oval allows for a great warm up for my sore and needy right back, hip, groin and knee.

Guess I'm right side disaster at the moment.

There's something comforting and familiar about a university running track. It exemplifies the great sport activities offered, where victory is embraced and defeat is managed.

For me, it's a different paradigm, more of a slow, methodical motion where time is only relevant on my stopwatch and there is only victory, never defeat.

When I am running and moving, I am winning. Life is full. The crisp air surrounds and invigorates me. I am in and with this mountain community.

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  1. Finally got caught up. Sounds like it's been a pretty smooth transition so far. Glad to hear you're enjoying it. The place looks gorgeous.