Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hard to the finish

Here's how life looks from my new neighborhood in Boone, NC. Here's my view this afternoon, from the far side of bass lake looking up at the Moses Cone Manor near Blowing Rock.

Cone was a textile baron in the 1880's; his fortune later preserved this area - inclusive of 25 miles of wooded buggy trails - and also funded the Moses Cone hospital in Greensboro.

One can take the meandering buggy trails from the house down to the lake, around the lake on a picturesque path and then back to the house on a five mile loop. I plan to make this location my Sunday morning run before church. There are numerous opportunities to recreate, one simply needs to reach out and grasp the beauty.

I need to report on yesterday's Blue Ridge Brutal 100 - that became the Brutal 72 when I opted for a shorter loop. Bottom line I got my rear end handed to me by locals and went home with my tail between my legs. I was toast the last 10 miles. The relentless climbs and descents ate me alive. Despite fueling at the rest stops I couldn't make it happen.

Thanks to my great buddy Jimmy Clegg. I ran my marathon PR with Jimmy in 1988 (a 3:21 in Greensboro) and it's clear that from then until now he's operating at a level way above what Tommy Terrific can muster.

Jimmy rode the 72 with me while his wife Amy rode the 50 mile loop. Good people, good friends. My life is rich because of them. Jimmy is scary fit and doesn't usually stop at rest stops. So while master competitor pushed grub into his piehole, studly Jimmy stayed in the clips and leaned against a building waiting for me.

Now that's embarrassing.

By the way, I never shifted so much in my life. Moving across the front three chainrings like I was playing a fiddle. Maybe it's time to step up to a double chainring compact crankset...time will tell.

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