Friday, August 28, 2009

Breaking news...

It was just reported on Scott Dunlap's trail runner's blog ( that Erik Skaggs was admitted to a hospital for renal failure in Medford, OR after finishing the Where's Waldo 100K in 9:11:o5 (

Those at the race said he looked good at the finish and was in good spirits. The symptoms apparently kicked in over the following 48 hours.

Erik and Kyle Skaggs are part of an elite crew that is crushing records on the ultra scene. But let's be honest...a 9:11 for 100K in Oregon terrain? Just how much can the human body take?

I love ultrarunning and what it has contributed to my life. But the duress the sport places on one's body is not to be minimized.

Journey on, but please do it sensibly.

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  1. Maybe expressing some support for Erik and those around him would be appreciated? A fund has been set up to help defray medical costs. Check out and please contribute what you can.