Wednesday, August 12, 2009


At many junctures of life, it's important to step back and:

1) observe, don't judge

2) realize that life issues aren't always better or worse, but simply different

I was at that point this morning. I'm loving my new outdoor opportunities in Boone, but my daily morning runs have been problematic.

Traffic in this small town is heavy and students have yet to return from summer vacation. I can't really say anything more about it than that. But add relentless traffic to a town that has narrow winding roads, little runoff and no shoulders and you have a tense jogging scenario.

One of my new best friends in town, another prof at the university, disclosed a startling fact yesterday. We were on a sharp curvy road when he stated that the conditions were similar when his wife was hit by a car and killed while jogging.

I was speechless as that reality slapped me in the face. I must admit I've become slack about risks while running but my friend's story made me acutely aware of the potential for injury, or worse.

The greenway near my house makes the most sense and that's why it is so popular. Off the streets and out of harm's way. But attempting to put together road loops is tough. On some sections sidewalks don't exist, so my option in running at the edge of the road - always towards oncoming vehicles.

So my endurance friends, this new gig takes me a long way from the quiet, flat neighborhood runs in Gainesville. But that's how this chapter is unfolding and I'll make it work. Build the plan and get 'er done.

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  1. Tom

    I feel your pain. It's a shame more municipalities don't think about making their community friendly to walkers, bicyclists and joggers. We have the same issues up here in Indiana.

    I’m drawing good inspiration from your site. I’ve been back on my road and mountain bikes now for about six weeks for the first time since suffering my eye injury. I’ve lost 10 lbs. the right way and I want to start trail running soon, but I have a target weight I want to hit before I subject my body to running.

    NC mountain biking is in my future this fall!

    Take care,

    Larry L