Monday, July 13, 2009

Words to live by

Was listening to a podcast from www.enduranceplanet. com this morning. Heard a great quote attributed to running guru George Sheehan:

"Anyone who isn't willing to spend time with him(her) self on a two-hour trail run must not be a very interesting person."

Also read a before-service prayer in the bulletin at church on Sunday. It talked about "spending too much time inside our own story."

I hooked up and got some traction with that one.

So if it's really not about our story, what story should we be telling? What's your story? Is it more compelling that mine? Can I combine my story with your story to make a better story?

Was thinking that in just a few weeks, I'll be telling whatever story I deem appropriate when I hit the ground running at Appalachian State. Time to fine tune the message. What I say really shouldn't be about me, it should serve as a benefit to others.

I'll get started on that right after I get this PhD thing in my rear view mirror.

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