Friday, July 10, 2009

Toy time

There's an old saying: One man's trash is another man's treasure.

I wouldn't say this Gary Fisher
Cobia is trash; but it sure has become my treasure. A rider from the Gainesville Cycling Club posted online that he had this ride for sale, and I could barely believe it. I've been looking for a used 29er (29" wheels) with a suspension front end and hardtail rear frame. And, when this beauty became available with a 19" frame - my size - I almost soiled my pants.

A couple of days later it's mine. Don't want to say what I paid, but it was the right price for me. And the seller threw in
SPD pedals and a spare rear rim, so I feel quite flush at present.

Other stuff to tell you: Sent out an email to three good friends, all of whom have been living the endurance lifestyle for over 25 years. Check out my
solicitation and their responses.

: What makes the four of us so regimented in our endurance sport activities? We're all into this thing over 25 years. What keeps it going? Why do we persist? Most others we started with are long gone, on the golf course or the couch...pondering...

A: "I once read that you need to really love something to put this much effort in to it when you know you are not going to make any money at it. But the real return, in addition to having fun, is in the long-term health benefits."

A: "Self esteem, pride in knowing I may not be whatever, but at least I'm not a sluggard. Fear of the big men's section at the clothing store. Stress reliever, health concern, model for children to live a healthy lifestyle."

A: "It's when I feel the most alive. When I'm moving, I feel at home. Probably like the guy on the golf course. can't imagine life without it."

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