Sunday, July 12, 2009

That was then...

Just received this photo from one of the grad students who traveled with me to France. What's interesting is that these are the three females I did the most running with while overseas.

Left to right it's Kendall, Adrienne and Jesse.

Seems like a long time ago, now that life is on warp speed and I'm about two weeks out from North Carolina. But that's not to minimize the fine times I had running in France. In summary, it defined my trip.

There's something about running in a new place and talking with a friend that makes life worthwhile. Exercise, discussion and sharing views on eclectic topics is stimulating. I enjoy those moments and want to thank the three girls in this photo for sharing their running time with me.

I'm in the final stages of my dissertation and my PhD defense is on Wednesday. It's showtime and I need to be a rock star when that time comes.

It's time for master competitor to step up to the plate, swing the bat, and hit as least a double.


  1. Good luck on the defense, Tom. Hit it out of the park!