Friday, July 17, 2009

Strange events

Are there strange or unique events in your life that puzzle and amaze you? Are they weird enough to stand the test of time?

Here's a goofy scenario. It was my coming back party to Mercury Marine (1993), just past the episode in my life where I almost succumbed to Guillaine-Barre - a nerve disorder that left me paralyzed and without the ability to breathe.

I was a bit tipsy and my balance wasn't all the way back, but I returned to work after the 3 month illness (a fast recovery by GBS standards).
On my way in the door, I received a motorcycle cake and the Twilight-Zone-like scenario of everyone in the office wearing a Tommy Terrific mask. There's something about seeing yourself in everyone else that bring terror deep into the psyche.

It was a strange time in that I wanted to return to the master competitor lifestyle but was inconsistent in my efforts. My body had been ravaged and I didn't seem to have the push to succeed. I did manage a 50 mile run that May, so life wasn't so bad. But I did it as fatty fat fat, and allowed myself to blimp out like a sponge soaking up water (or maybe beer in my case).

I wasn't building the package as I should. Wasn't good for me then, wouldn't be good for me now. Diet, exercise and the mental aspects of life have to form a cohesion.

I'll try to do better next time.

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