Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sign o' the times...

It's Saturday am, the new (used) 29er is in the car and I'm heading out to San Felasco nature preserve to participate in a trail clean up day. Met my buddy Jeff Moser and his friend Dennis. We rode into the woods about 8 am with saws, shears and clippers.

Hey, that part's all was entering the park that was less than wonderful.

I rode up to the gate and jumped out to pay my fee...I use both the mountain bike and running sections of the park and am glad to pay my $2 each time. But today, the governmental authorities opted for a price $4!

100% increase in one fell swoop? That sort of mark-up bears some afterthought. Some of my managerial economics kicked in and I was processing utility cost - the next best opportunity foregone. Was there a better way to spend that four bucks on a Saturday morning? What's my threshold of spending for a couple of hours in the woods?

I realize times are tight and taxpayers are picking up more of the cost all the way around. But today this park increase hit close to master competitor's wallet.

So it goes. I'm outta here in two weeks. Maybe North Carolina will have state park areas I'll wish to use. We'll see what the fees are when we arrive.

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