Sunday, July 05, 2009

Posse time

Made a quick, yet rewarding trip to Ohio over the weekend. A friend had opted to remarry and had asked me to stand up in his wedding party. He's a good man who found a exceptional partner, and they share the same religious beliefs. I think the foundation is set.

So, the trip allowed for a journey back to Columbus, Ohio, my hometown for 12 years prior to the U of FL experience.

On both Friday and Saturday morning, I arranged for fun runs at Highbanks Park with former "posse" running friends; we were tight group that met met for weekly Sunday morning runs. It was as if three years hadn't passed. The chatter started immediately and was incessant. Ultra running stories were flying fast and furious and the miles flew by. Twelve or 13 miles later it was over and we all smiled and parted ways.

Some friendships last over time and distance. Here are a few that did.

After the wedding, stayed in a bed and breakfast in Granville, Ohio. This morning I jogged over to Denison College. I was impressed with the rolling campus layout over hilly terrain. In the midst of it all I found the school's running track and ran a few laps.

Life on the road can be enlightening. Stopped at Otterbein College, where I earned my MBA several years prior. I am thankful to have stumbled onto an academic path. As usual, things are sometimes unexpected, yet good.

That's how my life has been. Living, running, cycling and learning. A good combo for master competitor.

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