Thursday, July 16, 2009

Old bones

Here's a funny one for you...old master man in 1985, racing in his Wrangler Triathlon Team colors. Check out that Bianchi with the pink handlebar tape; what was that all about?

At the time, I didn't know much about bikes and didn't want to listen, so I ordered the largest frame Bianchi had - a 63cm. Bike never fit, way too large and had to run a super short steering stem.

Strong body, weak brain, I guess.

Today's lesson is focused on adaptability. It's about how our body can accept and process change as we age over time - if we keep our bodies in motion and chugging forward.

I'm 52, have arthritis in my right thumb joint, a degenerating right knee and a deep pulled something or other in the right side of my groin. And for a reference on my back, please check out the MRI on the sidebar to the right. But each and every day, master competitor is out the door for his six mile run and on weekends the bicycle goes into play for 40-50 mile rides.

It's not that I'm better, it's that I'm a perpetual motion machine. As my body ages and crashes down to earth, it continues to adapt in small incremental phases. It really has no choice because this sack of old bones knows that it's headed out the door again tomorrow morning and the next and that expectations have been set.

Tommy Terrific will live to run another day. The old man will see a new sunrise. And his old frame full of residual damage will come along for the journey.

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