Sunday, July 19, 2009

Humble beginnings

Heard a great definition of humility while in church this morning:

Humility isn't thinking less of yourself.

Humility is thinking of yourself less.

Simple, yet profound.

Tommy master competitor was attempting to filter this definition through his personal lens on life. I am one who is just now completing a career change (to being an academic and PhD) where I will head down a new path in life as an assistant professor at Appalachian State.

Millions of others are finding themselves unemployed, searching to re-employ, or planning to attempt their own career changes.

The rampant introspection that accompanies these changes will on occasion make one think less of self. When one's path breaks down and there is no clear direction, reinventing and altering the persona is a tough challenge.

The mind works best when the body is tuned, so if you're in this "special" place in life, please consider the endurance sport lifestyle. Work on the body and diet and the mind will have an easier place to cohabitate.

This master competitor blog is my hobby. It's my personal journal and I've opened it up to anyone who has interest. I now have over 500 blog followers, but it's as much about you as it is about me. Take what I have to say and twist it to fit your own needs. I want to think of myself less and to think about you more.

So let's try to sweep up the pieces, clean them off, and put the puzzle back together. I don't have all the answers for the journey, but we can take the walk together.

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