Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fat = $$$$

No matter where you turn in today's media circles, there are news reports and conjecture on the state of health care in the United States.

It's a time of polarized opinions and philosophical differences among many. But whatever your personal beliefs may be, master competitor has to share what he deems the "ultracare" model for pricing our medical services.

Someone on the radio yesterday (sorry that I didn't catch the source) suggested a new program where U.S. citizens would have to go to a registered physician for a body fat analysis. The bottom line of the program was that those who had more body fat would subsidize their health care at a higher level; those with less body fat would pay less.

There were times I was living on rice cakes and coffee, where my body fat hovered around the 6% range. At presents, I'm around 9%. Guess I'd be sitting in the cheap seats for a health care plan based on those body fat stats.

What I'm not sure of is the correlation between low body fat and consistent good health. That's the issue with many proposals. We can't truly isolate each variable and be confident that it is an independent, true measure.

So while low body fat is something I enjoy, I'm not sure it's what we need as the primary driver of health care in the US of A.

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