Thursday, July 02, 2009

Eating for the good life

A big benefit of travel abroad is diversity. In culture, in geography and of course in cuisine.

On one special occasion in France, I put in for a non-meat option at dinner and came up with this half-cooked fish. Once I got past the eyeballs and the bones it wasn't bad, but to pick the flesh off a skeletal being was an interesting experience.

My diet needs some modification. I'm working on it, cutting back on the evening munchies to get my belly fat under control. I have eight or nine pairs of summer shorts and they were all too tight for comfort when I returned from France.

So what's a master competitor to do? Size up the shorts or size down the body?

I opted for the latter. Maybe more meals like my experience in France are in order.

Eat to live or live to eat. We each have the option to choose.

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  1. Your tablemate's expression is priceless.