Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wausau and the glory of running

Here's a silly self-portrait from my run this morning, crossing Thomas Street bridge about halfway through the loop I love to jog on a daily basis.

One might stereotype Wisconsin; you could visualize cow pies and old barns in need of paint. But there's another side with beauty and depth and diversity.

It's hard to demonstrate what I experience each morning while I run the course my brother Rick and I laid out almost 25 years ago. I made best efforts today by taking my camera and attempting to document the experience.

So, click to and try the slide show...and journey down my path for just a few moments.

How about that turtle, what a monster!

This is the portion of life I truly enjoy, the close experience of nature while traversing the streets, paths and trails within the community. There are some of the new foot trails and bridges along the Wisconsin River, Fern Island, down past the old MacDonald swimming pool, the long climb up Callon Street and the big finish on "steepie" that heads straight up 12th Ave. Then it's a short cool down at the John Muir Middle School running track and something close to a 7-miler is complete.

Hope you enjoy it, please leave a comment if you'd like.

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  1. great slide show, really understand why you love that run.