Thursday, June 04, 2009

Shooting the gap

Thought I'd nick ya with another AGD - attention getting device - by posting this rendition of two lovers. It was stroked by a local artist at the winery we visited in Bordeaux. I thought it was great then and it'll make a great screen saver now.

I'm home, you know that. Life has slowed and reality stung me over the past two days. The dream world of living in France for a month has been subjugated by stress and to-do lists and the fact that I'm packing out of here in about 7 weeks.

That really hit home today when I booked a transport trailer that will attached to the back of the rental truck, that will haul my CR-V and every other possession I have to Boone, NC.

Have you ever shot the gap from what you know to be, to what is the unknown? I try to picture my life in NC and project into what I hope will be a revived attitude towards training, diet and racing. I picture a new mountain bike, 90 minute rides before work in the morning, runs to epic peaks like Grandfather Mountain, and time at the local coffee shop/school book store.

How that all shakes out, I really don't know. It's my future and I have no choice but to embrace it. Right now, the loss of Gainesville and my relationships here is weighing heavy on my soul. I've been running in the humid, sticky air, trying to put something back together. But this time it's the last time and I know that. My window is closing and it's time for Tommy master competitor to put yet another town and chapter of life into the rear view mirror.

Sorry about today's post. It isn't a classic master competitor rah rah rah sort of thing. But it's who I am today, so there you have it.

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  1. No matter where you go, there you are... NC, FL, WI, France, wherever... it's all good, dude!