Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ride 'em high

How's this for a colorful shot of fun about to begin? How could I move on with new blog streams without acknowledging another wonderfully named event?

This is the start of "Blood, Swear and Gears," another of the local events near Boone, NC. This photo depicts the crew that was ready to tackle the tough course two weeks ago.

Each community has its own special opportunities and personality. I am quite thankful for the endurance sport community, for it's through that lifestyle that I have connected with so many places, events and people.

Life can have its ups and downs. But in my mind, training and participating in rides like Blood, Sweat and Gears keep things interesting and active.

What are your favorite events? If your list seems a bit short at present, reach out and grab onto a new ride or run and let the fun begin.

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