Monday, June 01, 2009

Paris revisited

Hey, how do you like my shot of the Eiffel Tower?

Pretty nice, don't you think?

Had to chuckle, came across this today, knew I had scanned it sometime's a shot I took while in Paris, must have been December, 1981.

So, I bridged an almost 30-year gap and made a return trip in 2009. This time around life felt fresh and new and rewarding.

The last time I was in Paris, I wasn't a runner. So there weren't as many takeaways. Just couldn't be.

I really don't believe hindsight is 20/20. Rather, I'd suggest hindsight is broad and deep and lets us better understand the roads we've walked on. Sometimes there's a fork in the path and one direction isn't right and good and true over the other. Sometimes it's simply a choice we must make. So we choose and march forward.

That is the place I find myself in today. I chose a path to North Carolina and plan to walk surefooted into my future. Leaving Florida will create a void - it seems like yesterday I came here, but it was three years ago. That time has now elapsed, the meter is ticking, it's time to go.

Paris. The Eiffel Tower. Marking points on this journey we call life.

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  1. I am officially a Mueller-ite. Not to be confused with More Taste, Less Filling - that would be simply inappropriate.