Monday, June 29, 2009

The name makes the game

I've been participating in ultra-distance trail runs for almost 21 years.

And what I have learned from then until now is that the name of a race really does make a difference.

An event may be titled the "Blue Sky 50K" and that may be well and good for some, but why not throw down with the big boys on a course that elicits groans and puts fear in the hearts of men?

What brings about this valued response? Well, the name of the race for sure.

Check out the logo above. I tackled my first ultra in 1988 and it was none other than the Mountain Masochist 50 mile, an epic sufferfest birthed by ultra's elder statesman David Horton. What a run and what an event. It's famous for the final few miles; you hit an aid station that reports less than three miles to go, when one encounters "Horton miles" and it's a mad struggle for something much further than that.

So, I'm rather amped up for the Blue Ridge Brutal 100 bicycle tour. It will be my first official ride out of the Boone area. I'll be looking for that t-shirt; something about conquering what's brutal makes it special.

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