Friday, June 12, 2009

The life that eludes us

Here's a great fun and games photo that keeps old master competitor happy. It's a shot with some of the mass comm study abroad students, at one of the town squares in Bordeaux, France. I forgot this image existed until I received an email telling me I had been "tagged" in a photo on Facebook; so there you have it, Tommy Terrific and the girls having a big time.

Life is rather strange in that respect. I'm 52, but still on the cusp of being able to relate to the younger set, in a way they appreciate. I don't know why that is, accept to state that I have been roaming the USA unfettered for quite a while now. Many cities and experiences, all part of staying connected to numerous user groups.

I'd say ultrarunning had a piece in it also. The adventure and activity of the sport makes for a free spirit and I seemed to be poured into that mold.

So what does all this tell you? Maybe it's to run hard, stay young in mind and body, and if I'm lucky there'll be another photo at another fountain with another group of students in the days to come.

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