Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm b-a-c-k-k-k...

Sorry. Haven't posted in awhile. Life is bearing down, dissertation deadline for first submission is one week away, house is on the market, teaching analytics in advertising class starting next week, selling most of what I own, moving to NC in a month.

So what's new with you?

I opted for the photo above, it's Johnny O'Mara with his kids after winning some CA mountain bike race...he's sponsored by Specialized, check out the carbon fiber 29er he rides. Nice stuff.

So, I'm attempting to dial back on the food and alcohol and lose the 13 pounds I gained over the past three years. I came to FL in the summer of 2006 and kicked it in the butt and got down to 163 pounds; now my shorts don't fit and fatty fat fat needs to purge off some poundage in the hot FL sun.

We had a heat index of 112 last week, so that helps.

What's the motivation? I'm moving to Boone, NC in August and I'll have to run and ride at a higher level. No more flatland, it's the Blue Ridge and time to crank.

Just received an email, my buddy from Greensboro told me that the Brutal 100 will go off in Boone in August. As you may have guessed, master competitor is full-on in for that ride, so stay tuned to see how fatty man can take the climbs.

Life is once again shifting ahead. Time to embrace the sport I love and recreate myself and away we go.

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