Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blue Ridge Brutal 100

OK, so now I'm jacked.

Check out the verbiage for the Blue Ridge Brutal 100 on August 15:

The Blue Ridge Brutal features three ride options: 59 mile, 74 mile, and 100 mile. The Brutal will have six rest stops, three mussette stops for the fast pack, Ham radio communication, Ashe County Rescue Squad and SAG Wagon Support. Helmets are mandatory and all traffic regulations must be observed. No personal SAG wagons will be allowed. Blue Ridge Parkway Rangers reserve the right to ask riders to stop if there are safety concerns or issues.

For a few hardy souls who want to challenge the mountain, the Brutal is offering the “Assault on Mount Jefferson”. This option is available at no extra cost, but due to Mountain Jefferson State Park regulations, we can only offer it to twenty-five riders in the 100 mile or 75 miles ride. ALL ASSAULT RIDERS WILL BE TRANSPORTED DOWN MOUNTAIN.

Holy *##%##@!!! And I'm moving to this place where warriors roam!

Well, as soon as I get Brutal 100 under my belt, there's the Bridge to Bridge Incredible Challenge, then the Grizzly Metric Century, among others. I can feel the guns start to spark, the old man is getting ready to clip in and grind.

Fatty fat fat better get light ASAP, it's time to ride.

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