Thursday, June 25, 2009


Life offers twists and turns. It seems we're going into a crisis, riding out a crisis, or waiting for the next crisis to occur.

Then there are times when life clicks and the notes fall into place like sweet music coming off my Taylor 310 cutaway - when someone more talented than me is playing it!

What I want to blog about today is Aura. I have been examining it for some time.

When your head's on right, you're training well, your diet is good, and your perspective on life is strong, one's aura casts out a positive glow. You're someone who's easy to be around...heck, people go out of their way to hang with you.

Aura-rich individuals don't draw down on the energy around them...they supplement it. They live by example. They embrace the good and weather the bad.

Aura is intangible, but powerful.

As I near the one month mark to blast off (finish PhD and move to NC) there are stresses and anxieties. But above all that is the fact I'm good with who I am, and thankful for what has been put in my path. My aura is building and I want to take it with me where ever I go.

How's your aura today?

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