Saturday, June 13, 2009

Addendum: The life that eludes us

There's nothing better than a good game of pass the orange. It forces some levels of intimacy that would be considered inappropriate in other settings.

But when an orange is featured, the means to an end is the only deciding factor. Please note the orange passing technique at left; this was the "I'll come up underneath you while you slip that orange..."

Let's just leave it at that.

I've been thinking about yesterday's post. The part about a young mind and body. The truth is, I can't be young. I can only be receptive.

A female cohort in my PhD program told me I have a younger man's body but an old man's brain. That stung a bit, but was insightful. What I have noted most among the students I teach is that they are hopeful about most all things, while I am tempered by the knocks of life. I'm a realist, yet my realities produce limitations. With hope comes new opportunities.

I am hopeful for my future as a professor at Appalachian State. But I want to be more open and receptive to the unfettered enthusiasm that U of FL students exude where ever they go.

If life eludes me, then I have some responsibility to chase it down and catch it. And to that end I will continue on.

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