Saturday, May 30, 2009

Runabout in Paris

It's our last day in one last runabout through the city to cap a fabulous month in France.

I doubled back to the Parc de Bercy on the "right bank" side of the Seine; had to get an image of the character above; its expression so well represents the feeling I have just before urping up at ultra races...disoriented, sick and inquisitive all at once.

Jesse met me for the Bercy park run and since she's staying at one of our other host hotels, we opted to run north along the river, past Notre Dame and then on to the Louvre and the beautiful attached gardens. We did about 90 minutes total...Jesse headed back to her hotel and I took the tram back to my side of town.

This trip has allowed to me accept much more about who I am, about how to be comfortable in my own skin. I have invested heavily in endurance sport and Christian theology over many years. Of course, that eclectic mix has made me what I am today. There are other areas (many, actually) where my cohorts and friends are more informed and educated. But we can't be all things to all people, so I am going to rest where I am.

I have also learned that it's important to observe, not judge. That has been my key mantra on the trip and it has been adopted my many of our travel abroad students. It's a valuable lesson to adhere to and it's something I will work to achieve on a daily basis.

So, my trip to France will be defined by what I learned about myself, and my runs. Those are the memories I will bring home, the ones that are most vibrant. Runs along the rivers of Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. The parks that intertwine. My footsteps falling on the paths and trails.

Talk to you next time from Florida.

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