Sunday, May 17, 2009

Power foods

Forgot I had this photo...thanks to Meredith Muller for capturing this moment.

I felt like Lance having a power meal before a big stage of the tour. We were having a welcome dinner at a rather fine restaurant in Paris. Under my usual protocol, I spoke with our int'l tour director and told her I would like a vegetarian option.

So here you have it: A splooge of milky mashed potatoes, pyramid of white rice and a smattering of vegetables.

Once the starch raced into my system, I capped the energy load with a sugar rush/creme brulee.

I have learned in my travels:

1) Observe, don't judge
2) Stay flexible
3) Find food alternatives

So it's been a shift of diet, I'm now into a modified Atkins program with cheese and eggs, supplemented with whole grain bread (it's wonderful here) and dried fruits.

Of course, wine and beer to wash it all down.

I have been running along the River la garonne in to come next time.

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