Sunday, May 03, 2009

Outta here and off to France

It's time to pack the tent and travel afar. I became part of the U of FL mass comm study abroad program in 2007, when we journeyed to Australia; last year it was Greece and Spain, and this time around we're off to France for the month of May.

Tomorrow it's Miami to Paris direct with 85 students and a support staff of faculty and trip supervisors. Now that I've done this gig a few times I know what it takes - a bit counselor, surrogate parent, instructor and drill sergeant.

We're in Paris for about 1o days. Next weekend I'm taking a side trip to London, then back for travel to Bordeaux and Lyon. The mass comm trips are always epic in nature and fulfilling.

You can expect updates, hopefully a connection with the Paris running community, and some interesting observations from Tommy master competitor along the way.

My life is speeding up and changes look to be in store. I'll report more soon, but my career may take me into a new and intriguing place, where the ultra spirit will be reborn.

Stay tuned.

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