Sunday, May 31, 2009

One more for the road

Well, just a moment to spare before blasting off for home.

It's 6:30 am here; we're on a flight from Paris to Miami around 10 am, back around 2, then a six hour drive to Gainesville.

How strange. Life does take courage as we march from one chapter to the next in our book of life. This concludes three fabulous years with the U of FL mass comm study abroad program. With it came epic runs in the Aussie outback, wonderful jogs on the peak of Athens, running the back roads and hills of Greek islands, the massive city park in Madrid, and now what I'll call the "river run experience" in France.

Maybe the coffee cups aren't big enough, but so many other things have been big in my life. Just the fact that tour leaders thought enough of me to keep me involved for three years will be something I always cherish.

I don't want to take good things for granted; I have learned to soak up and possess the good so that it can be a core strength when times are bad. For now it's goodbye to the tour life and back to my Florida reality. In five days it's off to Wausau, Wisconsin for a one week visit with my parents. And summer runs on my favorite hometown loop.

How many of you would like to kick some thoughts around regarding the best summer diets for training and racing?

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  1. Anonymous12:24 AM


    Glad to read you had such a good time in France. I was watching the French Open one night and it was 48 degrees. I had to laugh about that one.

    Good luck with your new position in Carolina. You'll have to get you mountain bike skills back in shape.