Friday, May 29, 2009

Le Parc de Bercy

We're down to 48 hours and then outta here, so it was time to take advantage of our final days in France.

This morning, I went on a bit of a runabout, first to the northwest from our hotel at Place d' Italie to Jardin du Luxenbourg. Three laps around the park and back gave me 60 minutes, but after a quick pit stop I headed out again, this time to the northeast across the La Seine River to Le Parc de Bercy.

A tremendous bridge - for foot traffic only - took me across the river to the park. Running was silent and valued, as I cut through and among the shaded paths and rows of flower gardens.

For the first time, the magic of it all came into my being: I'm running aimlessly through Paris. It's at these times in life I am glad I believe in God, because I really do need someone(thing) to thank. My life is just too plain good to be luck. Someone gave me a big spiff over the past three years and it just needed to be said...thank you God.

So, here I am, blogging to you this afternoon. Ready to pack out soon for our group tour at the Louvre, then a farewell dinner with the students near Montmartre.

I'm feeling good about training and racing and life in general. Stay tuned for master competitor updates on training tips in heat, because I'll be back into it big time when my feet hit the ground in Florida.

By the way, if there are specific topics you'd like me to cover, please drop a few hints in the comments need for me to run this thing solo if my squad has other ideas!

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