Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knocking the dust off at Luxenbourg

Here's one of the athletic types who is traveling with the U of FL mass comm journey through France.

Jesse called me out for a run and her challenge actually fired my brain enough to get me out the door and into the park. I have been bagging the workouts for over a week and for the first time in ten years, I don't know why. Jet lag has taken hold of me, but it seems I could soldier on through. Today was the day for a new beginning.

It was really quite simple. We walked from the hotel to the subway, took the 6 line to the 4, and emerged a few hundred yards from Luxenbourg Park. We started a slow, methodical jog, with each loop taking 13 minutes running time. We put three laps in the books and started walking back to the metro.

But something had changed on the inside. Master competitor felt as if a layer of silt had lifted away and the sun was shining through. Flowers and trees were everywhere and getting off the streets of Paris offered a freash awakening.

Tomorrow, we'll head back over and do it again. Another simple jog, another day in the park. But the lifeblood has once again flowed and my feet are hitting the path. Left, right, left, right. Small steps ever moving forward, taking me each bit closer to another level of fitness and new ultra events.

Run, Tommy, run.

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