Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Germ wars

Living in big cities for extended periods of time can create an amazing opportunity for germ transfer. The air in London and Paris - pollution and pollen combined - can cause many to sneeze and hack.

So, it's easy to see where germs will be in and around us at all points in the day.

It seems that the swine flu crisis is behind us, at least for now. While in England, I noted a great UK public service TV commercial, where a man sneezes in an elevator, then touches a wall rail. A child touches the same spot, then holds his mother's hand...well, you get it.

So the campaign explains the tactics needed - use a tissue to "catch" the sneeze; get the tissue into a waste receptacle (there are very few garbage bins in London, that's another story) and then kill the remaining germs with a thorough washing of one's hands.

The imagery and message was well done. Simply "putting a face" on something we know and understand.

I'm out the door for anothe city run in Paris. When I sneeze I won't be able to catch it, but will probably steer to towards the nearest flower bed.

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  1. Good post, Tom. Of course an ad man like you would appreciate the campaign. Sounds like you're having a great time over there. Keep running and stay ahead of that piggy flu.