Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ged man

I've been running a bit in Bordeaux - our last day here before we transport the group to Lyon tomorrow. Did about 12 miles today, first to the north to Le Lac, where pine covered trails ran around the edge of the water.

Then, back to the hotel for a bit of hydration, then out again along the River la garonne. Today I ran south until the running path ended, which culminated in about 200 yards of boardwalk.

Folks, here's a lifestyle lesson.

This is Ged.

The Ged man. Ged-o-rama. Gedacious dude.

Ged is our AIFS (American Institute for Foreign Study) leader and tour guide in France.

He's been doing the U.S. student gig for about nine years. Ged's a Brit who spends much of his time in France, making sure groups like ours - 80 students from the U of FL - have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Jed likes to run, ride bikes (recently crashed and hurt some ribs) and enjoys spectating at some of the great world motorsport events (gotta love that). Ged keeps his car and a few belongings in Florence, Italy - at least that's where it's parked now - and he lives life from one group assignment to the next.

I have observed Ged and his work. He's a consummate pro, delivers on all accounts, and in my opinion is leaving a big footprint as far as his impact on those around him. And all of that is accomplished with few of the trappings I am encumbered with in my own life.

One of my takeaway gems from this trip is that less is truly more. Live simple, live large.

All master competitor fans have a mandatory assignment: Download the following podcast with six time Ironman champ Dave Scott. I listened to it while next to the la garonne this morning and it's priceless.

Scott tells one story, where a triathlete is talking to Dave about racing. The guy mentions his dad is 53, so Dave mentions that he's 55.

The guy (who is 28) is astounded, tells Dave that his dad is nowhere near Dave in fitness, and that he hopes to be as fit as Dave when he is 55.

Dave tells the guy, "I wouldn't worry about 55, you're not as fit as me right now!"

Scott says that when he meets racers like that, he need to put a bit of "sting" in their workouts.

This interiew is all around good times...enjoy.

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