Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stumble man

"OK folks, move it along. There's nothing to see here, let's keep it moving."

So might a state trooper admonish the rubbernecking crowd that gathers around the scene of an accident. And that's what I wanted to say to anyone who observed master competitor's style and effort at my most recent 50K.

Many thanks to Layne Wallace, for his photo support during the 2009 Guana River Trail Run. It's great to have some images from the event, but pictures don't lie and sometimes the truth hurts.

Here's my self-assessment of that day:

Form: Despite intentions to maintain chi stance, I'm bent a bit at the waist. I'm also carrying tension in the arms and my neck is jutted forward. I sometimes wonder why I trip...it may have something to do with the fact I am raising my feet about .75 inches off the trail.

Fashion: It's A #1, can't be better. That's my new Team Brooks racing singlet - I ordered a medium and was finally able to squeeze into it! Also check out the new Brooks shorts...I love the length and roomy feeling, with pockets everywhere! I was wearing a Brooks "run happy" cap and check out the dirt gaiters on my ankles, which keep grit out and help to protect my fragile feet. I topped off my outfit with an Ultimate Direction fastdraw hand bottle.

No complaints here, but I looked - and felt - tired and old. Got home this weekend and shaved the goatee off, time to get ride of that gray! And then it hit me...Guana was a training run! It was my intent to hold back and stay calm...it's time for the big show this coming Saturday. Let's see what the old man can put together at the Croom 50 miler.


  1. Hey dude, it was good to see ya last night! Have a nice run down there at Croom!!!

  2. Walter5:25 PM

    Good luck at Croom, Tom!

  3. Anonymous6:23 AM

    You didn't warn me about wild hogs,snakes and turkeys....What a great place!
    One of our campers ran into a armdilla....
    Super to see you again. Looking tough!

  4. Anonymous12:27 PM

    had you been running alone, someone would have called the police!

    keep up the good work cheesehead