Sunday, April 19, 2009

Silly as we go

Sometimes life seems silly and that's the place we need to be. Serious and intense works on many occasions, but I'm not going to play life with a poker face 24/7/365.

An adviser told me that I'm one of a rare breed, who doesn't get overplayed by the act of writing a dissertation. I may not show it in outward ways, but the stress has manifested itself nonetheless.

Much of the silliness has gone out of me. My uninhibited, jovial nature has been supplanted with a dulled sense of existence. Pushing through structural equation models and pondering why latent variables aren't sharing covariance is putting a nail in my head.

So it goes with ultrarunning. I need to kick myself in the britches for being a dink about the Croom 50 mile. Instead of embracing yet another finish, I was in pout mode over the 10:21 it took me to traverse the course. I'm resilient and had very little residual damage. Went for a 60 minute jog the day after the race and am back to 100% now.

I had an intersecting thought last week and have been building on it:

"Live life at a higher level."

There you have it. Not too profound, but it has traction and I'm going with it. To that end, I'm wondering if old master competitor could lighten up enough to lose 15-20 pounds and tackle the new 100 miler in Missouri in November. Check it out:

This monster is already coming together in my head. It's point-to-point, an inaugural event (I did the first Vermont 100 in 1989 and like "firsts") and fairly runnable terrain. And I have been thinking about wearing my Nathan 2-liter bladder pack the entire event, to see if hydration is a bigger factor than I think.

So let's see where this takes me. If any of you have advice or what to admonish me, please do it in a silly fashion.

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  1. Advice - "Sign up now before it fills!"