Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mind games: The force of nature

The photo at left is one of my archives favorites. This is the Mueller brothers playing hammer time, racing to the finish of the Wausau (WI) Triathlon. It's fun day when competing in our hometown and my brother Richard keeps me honest. He was into the tri scene back in the cave man days and actually whet my seed of interest in the sport.

Note my one piece tri-suit and first-generation Oakley sunglasses; all very cool in the mid 1980's.

A while back I started a string on mind games in endurance sport. My thought for today is nature. Sometimes it comes at us hard and fast, pelting us with hail and driving rain into our eyes. On other occasions nature can slowly cook us with direct sunlight while clothing us in humidity.

Whatever nature throws our way, lean into it and embrace it. It's bigger and stronger than we are and our anger won't make it dissipate. If wind is driving into our path and slowing our effort, relax and allow inner calm to permeate your being. Stay relaxed, do the work, and the finish line will come.

Nature makes our training and racing interesting, so let's decide it's a friend not foe.

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