Tuesday, April 21, 2009

100 milers back-to-back

Here's a shout out to Rob Apple and Susan Donnelly. The ultra duo came up with two 100-mile finishes - in two weeks.

These hammer heads are out of my league. They made their way through the Umstead (NC) 100-mile on April 4, then backed it up with a finish at the inaugural Zumbro (Falls, MN) 100 on April 10.

It may have been slow going, but for anyone who has not attempted back-to-back 100 miler's...think twice before proceeding.

Susan does an exceptional job with her adventure blog, so check out her race reports and great photos at www.susanruns100s.com.

Good job, well done my ultra friends. Surely top ranked in my master competitor hall of fame.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, Tom. That's an incredible compliment. It was a fun adventure. Thankfully, there are always new challenges to try. Life never gets dull!