Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The long road

I realize some of you may see the 1980's as a strange period of time.

Take a glance at the image to the left. Strange is right.

That's a promo card from my days in Greensboro, North Carolina. I put together a sponsorship with Wrangler and started my own triathlon team...pretty cool pioneering type stuff in its day.

I remember one local racer who was unhappy he was not on the team. It was none other than ultra-icon-in-the-making Eric Clifton. I've never been worthy to jog in that guy's ultra shadow...but that was then and this now.

Let's assume I no longer look quite like I did in this photo almost 25 years ago. But my weight isn't too far off and nowadays you'll see me wearing shorts that leave a bit more to the imagination. Deep at the core inside, I still want to train and race and feel as if I'm putting 100% into the effort.

I'm ramping up for the Guana 50K on March 28 and the Croom 50 mile on April 11. That's a tall order for old master competitor. Training is underway and I'm now into my second week of about 65 miles every six days; the seventh day each week is a "rest" day where I cycle 40-50 miles.

Not everyone likes an always-on training program, but it's what I do. More always seems better and I want a large emotional/physical base to draw on over the two events.

I'm tired, stiff and sore, but what else is new. Now is the time, let's seize the day and see if we can't rub two sticks together and make some fire.

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